Face of Film

When you see the visual spectacle that defines an Alienworx Production, you’re seeing the difference between video and art. And like any artists, they’re masters with the tools of their trade.

Perhaps no single tool has proven as versatile as their drones, aerial wonders they deploy as the first FAA-exempt media company to be a part of the Film Union as an aerial crew in the southeast. Piloting drones in the sky and  cameras on the ground is a crew with a true passion for their work, and whose contribution has graced several major film and television productions. 

Their masterful storytelling, in which imagery and scenery jumps off the screen, has earned the crew at Alienworx 10 Emmy Awards as well as the admiration of some of the nation’s top production companies. With recent credits including Emperor, The Beach House and The Reckoning, their signature visuals have made it to audiences across the world. 

Now imagine what this kind of creative artistry could do for your next production. Big or small, the same visual artistry and technological wizardry that has made Alienworx invaluable to feature film & television has graced corporate productions for companies all over the Southeast. From aerial services to 360-degree immersive virtual reality experiences and in-depth promotional videos, their deep bench of talent in filming and production give them the ability to serve as a one-stop-shop of visual storytelling. 

Given the wide array of services they offer, the only limit is your imagination. Their drones have been employed for 3D mapping, aerial site inspections and search and rescue operations, all piloted by experienced operators. Their commercial crew approaches every project with a seasoned eye and infectious creativity. And behind every project is a team with a combined 60 years of experience.  The result is media that makes your business stand out from the pack, packaged and presented with all the flair and brilliance of a Hollywood production but from the home team right here in Savannah.   alienworx.media / 912.659.2878