Face of Distilled Local Spirits

The Ghost Coast Distillery story begins with two college buddies and their shared love of spirits. Chris Sywassink and Rob Ingersoll combined their talents and formed a team with backgrounds in art, chemistry and production to open the doors of Ghost Coast in 2017, immediately becoming the toast of the town. 

Their range of 20+ award-winning spirits includes Vodka, Gin, Tiki-Spiced Rum, Flavored Whiskies, Fernet, Liqueurs, Bitters, and their flagship Bourbon and have earned accolades from the likes of USA Today, which named them among the top in the country. But the distillery’s story runs much deeper than just two friends; it’s a continuation of a Savannah tradition for crafted spirits that is laid out in fascinating detail when you take their immersive distillery tour. At Ghost Coast, local spirit means much more than just what goes into the bottle. It’s a way of saluting Savannah’s rich lore and culture in every sip. ghostcoastdistillery.com / 912.298.0071