Everything Old is New Again: Bringing Luxury Townhomes to the Historic District

Perched along a blissfully tranquil stretch of McDonough street, where the echoes of history ring between tree branches toward the Moorish tower of Habersham Hall and away to the twin spires of St. John’s, a pair of properties have created a stir with their inspired design and lavish décor.

Here, at 407 and 409 E. McDonough, developer J. Craig Gordon along with architect Shedd Coleman and interior designer Khoi Vo, have created something that many thought was impossible. While remaining rooted in the historic district’s rich heritage, this pair of luxury townhomes drenched in opulence and inspired by Savannah’s metropolitan vibe offer something completely new and unexpected.

Much of that reverence for the city’s history comes from Gordon, a lifelong Savannahnian who grew up in the Sylvan Terrace neighborhood. The expansiveness and focus on creating family spaces so prevalent in that area’s mid-modern construction had an enormous impact on the look and feel of these townhomes.

“I literally took measurements of certain rooms in the house where I grew up,” he said. “I wanted a new home that offered the comfort of that mid-modern design.”

And while a love of Savannah’s architectural heritage formed the foundation for this exciting new project, the team’s deep knowledge of our area’s look and feel allowed them to tweak the formula in order to energize a typical Southern layout with fresh ideas.


“My main focus was to do something in the Landmark Historic District that was different from simply replicating a historic design,” said Coleman. For example, there’s the way that, traditionally, you enter a historic home and see a grand staircase rolling toward you. Coleman moved the staircase from the door, creating a breezy open space to greet you and allowing the staircase to serve as a unifying element across the four floors. “I wanted something more dramatic… something much more enlivened, bright and open.”

As far as bright and open, it doesn’t get much more open than the townhome’s brilliantly executed rooftop. Offering 360 degree views of the historic district’s majestic skyline, the wide open terrace on each townhouse brings the city to life in new and exciting ways.

"Offering 360 degree views of the historic district’s majestic skyline."

“Looking at the surrounding neighborhood and knowing we were going up four stories, we knew we had to make the rooftop an active living component,” said Coleman. “It really helps seal these townhomes as a unique experience for downtown.”

Inside, Vo was tasked with crafting a design scheme that would complement the townhome’s unique role in Savannah’s architectural history as well as encapsulate Southern living. But how can you encapsulate something as expansive as the South in just one property? Vo decided to answer that question by making each townhome its own expression of Southern beauty.

“With 407, the design approach was more rustic and more reflective of the coast. We called 409 downtown luxe. That one exudes a little more the sophistication of being downtown,” said Vo.

Indeed the differences between the two are subtle but remarkable, each exemplifying in its own way the soul of Savannah: old, yet new. Rooted in history, but rejuvenated by a growing metropolitan flair.

“I truly believe this is the most unique new construction in downtown Savannah,” said Gordon. “From a metropolitan standpoint, you have this captivating rooftop with panoramic views and these modern finishings, but married with traditional interiors and exteriors. Sometimes it’s hard to pull off both, but we exceeded our expectations.”

These exquisite townhomes are priced at $1,497,000 each. To schedule a showing, contact Roy Hill at 912-844-4000.

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