Elevated Coastal Productions

Gone are the days when a few simple pictures would suffice, when prospective homebuyers got a fleeting glimpse of real estate properties from the window of their car in a quick drive down the street. 

It all began with a passion for drones, a rather expensive hobby when coupled with Kevin’s high-end tastes. In order to pay for his costly drone, Kevin began taking aerial photos of people’s houses on the weekend. “Two years ago I was just a guy wanting a drone,” says Kevin. “I did nothing but aerial photos for a year to help pay for it.”

Kevin’s aerial photography allows him to present a wider perspective for his clients — showcasing a property’s total amount of land, as well as important landmarks nearby. “You see the home, but also what’s around it,” he says. “Because we do aerial photos we can capture Forsyth Park, or the Cathedral, or even the Savannah Bridge.”

What started out as a side job as a drone enthusiast quickly evolved into a full-blown career; a year after purchasing his first drone, Kevin quit his job at Gulfstream to start Elevated Coastal Productions. He began taking interior photos in addition to his aerial shots, and filmed videos of the houses on the inside and outside — acting as a one-stop shop for any real-estate marketing content. Kevin’s main goal is to help realtors present their listings with high-quality photos and videos that best inform their customers.

Kevin Schwartz first became familiar with the real-estate market when he bought a home two years ago. “I looked at two virtually identical houses,” Kevin says. “But one had much better pictures — and that’s the one I ended up buying.” While the photos may not have directly influenced his choice, it was that subconscious first impression that shaped his opinion from the very beginning.

“Some agents who’ve been in the business for a long time may think that they don’t need professional photos,” says Kevin. “But people don’t ride around and look at houses anymore. Ninety-three percent of homebuyers use online websites. First impressions are important, and that’s what professional photos are — a firm handshake and a good smile.” 


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