Dr. Ross, Institute for Personalized Medicine

Dr. Mary Kay Ross, Institute for Personalized Medicine, discovered a need for better medical care while working in emergency rooms, and has since become a trailblazer for functional medicine.

Instead of numerous pills and prescriptions, Dr. Ross focuses on diet and lifestyle. Says Ross, “We’re able to work with patients in every aspect of their life and end up with people who have completely reversed chronic diseases.”

But what is functional medicine? According to Ross, it is a field of medicine that has developed out of necessity and uses the best in traditional medicine and the modern conveniences of technology. It is not an alternative to traditional medicine nor is it really “holistic”, it is a way of viewing medicine “through a different lens.” Dr. Ross and her team take a systems-based approach to individualize patient care, and are thus able to pinpoint the needs of each patient and work with them to better their lifestyle and therefore their health.

“Functional medicine is still a relatively new specialty,” says Ross. “There are not many physicians that are certified in it and practicing it on a daily basis…This is what we do!”

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