Dr. Ben Spitalnick is the Face of Pediatrics

dr. ben spitalnick is the face of pediatrics – photo: jabberpics


Meet Dr. Ben Spitalnick.

There’s a reason they refer to pregnancy as “expecting.” Those parents who are preparing to welcome a new life into this world expect nothing less than the best – a doctor who is both exceedingly skilled and deeply knowledgeable. For nearly 20 years, expecting mothers who expect the best have chosen Dr. Ben Spitalnick, managing partner of Pediatric Associates of Savannah. The immediate past president of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Spitalnick has helped shape policy and guide the science of pediatric medicine throughout the state. And in his newest book, “Baby Care Anywhere,” as well as in his frequent appearances in local and national media as a subject matter expert, he’s shared his wisdom with countless parents. But for the pregnant mother of Savannah, it’s the expertise he brings to each visit that fulfills their great expectations. @DrBenSpitalnick / pedsav.com / 912.355.2462