Don’t Let Pain Mismanage Your Life

Feel better, get better. Get back your life

The opioid epidemic has been proclaimed loud and clear in the media over the past several years.  Physicians have been demonized and patients have become stereotyped. Instead of placing blame on clinical providers, the focus should shift to effective collaboration with an emphasis on solving what has become an increasing crisis in the United States.
Concern over the national opioid epidemic has resulted in a crackdown and limitations on physicians’ ability to treat patients. As physicians on the front-line and clinical leaders we are caught in the middle, striving to adhere to the new guidelines while also persevering to decrease patients’ pain.

The solution isn’t black and white. Cutting off all opioid prescriptions (or making them so difficult to access that patients give up on legal means) isn’t the answer. Neither is prescribing medication without close consideration and sound reasoning. At Neurological Spine and Pain, we will not give up. It is simply not an option. We strive to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Pain medicine is not the only treatment option available, and we are dedicated to working as a team towards the right solution with each specific patient in mind. Our physicians continue to explore new avenues and the latest treatments to assist our patients improve their lives.  For many people living in chronic pain, finding pain relief can be a struggle. A lot of trial and error can be involved finding a treatment that works.  But we will not be discouraged. We will not shrink from that fight. We are tough. And we are going to be even tougher on pain.


Relieve lower back pain from your office chair.

We often get stuck sitting for longer periods of time than we would really like. It is important to take breaks from sitting at your desk as often as possible. When that isn’t possible the best exercise to relieve lower back pain is the Vacuum exercise. While sitting in your office chair try pulling your stomach in as far as you can to “touch your spine” and hold for 10-15 seconds. This exercise will focus on strengthening the transverse abdominus muscle and should be done in 2-3 repetitions and then gradually increase the time and repetition number.


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