Discover the Magic Behind Cohen's Retreat

Nestled away on a picturesque, Spanish-moss enshrouded lawn with picturesque pebble driveways, you will find Cohen’s Retreat, a down-to earth, quirky landmark full of rich history, remarkable dining opportunities that encourage a sense of community and incredible interior design to please the senses. Let’s start from the beginning: originally Percival Randolph Cohen’s early 1900s home for men “so that they would not die alone,” Cohen’s Retreat has been entirely transformed and current owner Colleen Smith has some bright ideas for its future.


The goal? To ensure that they provide you with the most unique dining experience in the entire city of Savannah. The vibe of the Retreat has been greatly influenced by Sandy West (creator of the Ossabaw Island Project), whose artist commune gave creative souls an outlet where they could come as they were and create whatever they wished.


Currently, they offer a “chef’s table” style of dining, which includes an intimate and interactive  experience featuring in house someliers, tableside prep, molecular gastronomy and low country cuisine paired with, say, an aged white wine and a current option to discern the differences in flavor. This provides an earthy yet luxurious experience to those who want to celebrate something, yet not break the bank. Additionally, you can shop for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces including artwork, stationary, tote bags and more in the Brown Dog Market, which is tucked away in the building just slightly past the various dining rooms or take yoga or painting classes to unleash your inner creative spirit. In the future, Cohen’s Retreat hopes to host a greater amount of community events (including charity-driven networking events), offer a cottage to an artist-in-residence which will allow guests to follow the progress of their creations, expand dining and shopping capacities by introducing a boardwalk with accompanying courtyard and hosting oyster roasts out on the lawn amongst family-friend movie night activities.



For more information, you can visit or contact them at (912) 355-3336.