Dining in Style

Among Savannah's ever-changing foodie scene are a few elite establishments that exude style from top to bottom.


The lure of a night on the town is not lost on the small city of Savannah. We may not be New York or L.A., but our dining scene rivals the best. Some my say we are a drinking town, some may hold on to our foodie roots, but here at South, we think Savannah is the perfect culmination of food, drink, style and charm. From elegant and upscale to local secret gems, you’ll never grow bored of the limitless possibilities of Savannah’s restaurant scene.  

  The restaurateurs in the Hostess City understand that a night out is more than just a meal: it's an experience. If you're taking the time to style your hair and get dressed to the nines, you want to grace an establishment that looks and feels as cool as you do. 

The décor should reflect your need for style, the ambiance should match your winning personality, and the food should be delicious enough to tie it all together. 


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