DineSouth Recipe: Tuna Tartar from Jazz’d Executive Chef Joe Pribelsky

DineSouth Recipe: Tuna Tartar from Jazz'd Executive Chef Joe Pribelsky

Photography: John Alexander

Executive Chef Joe Pribelsky hails from Mississippi. Originally working in environmental paint testing, Pribelsky had a change of heart and headed back to school to earn a second degree at Meridian Community College’s two-year culinary program. He spent time in all of the area’s top restaurants when one day, his life truly changed. After posting his resume to a Facebook page called “Chef’s Life,” — accompanied by a willingness to move anywhere — he was contacted by Hilton Head-based Chef Erin Luger. Pribelsky packed up and drove from Mississippi to the Lowcountry through the middle of the night, sleeping in gas station parking lots along the way. Trained in creole-style classical French cooking, Pribelsky said,

“I’ve done all the fancy stuff, but I like to cook soul food and things from your family dinner and put a twist on them, elevate them a little bit, and use as local ingredients as possible.”

Experience Pribelsky’s creations at Jazz’d tapas bar in downtown Savannah. jazzdtapasbar.com



4 oz fresh yellowfin tuna, raw, diced into ¼” cubes
4 strawberries, diced


1 tbsp balsamic reduction
1 tbsp soy reduction or Tamari (gluten free)
A pinch of salt and pepper
1 green onion


Add tuna and strawberries together in a bowl
Toss together in the bowl quickly and just coat with sauce
Pack mixture together to form it
Add microgreens
Serve in a cold bowl and keep as cold as possible before serving


Egg roll/wonton wrappers, cut into size chips desired, fry till cooked/crispy
(Optional) Wasabi powder, to make wasabi sauce

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