DineSouth ’22: Chef Kirk Blaine Catering

Savory Memories and Flawless Delivery.

One of Chef Kirk Blaine’s favorite dishes to make is General Tso’s Dove, a meat that Blaine says tastes similar to duck. Photography / John Alexander

Chef Kirk Blaine Catering

Savory Memories and Flawless Delivery.

For Chef Kirk Blaine, there’s so much more to being part of the Southern food scene than the gourmet creations that go on your plate.

That’s why he expanded beyond restaurant kitchens and added full-service catering to his repertoire of culinary services: to be a part of people’s lives beyond a quick meal.

“Take any special event. ” Chef Blaine said. “You want to paint a picture of it, and it’s the food, the decor, music, and ambiance. It’s all these nuances that come together to create these memorable experiences.”

When it comes to catering, those nuances include having the organization and leadership skills to flawlessly deliver the entire food operation system off-site. But Chef Blaine has been building those skills throughout his life, having been raised by local business-owning parents to have a strong work ethic long before he began his career. And those skills enable him to look at the crew in the kitchen and know where to place them to get the best result.

“Catering for an event—it’s more than just a dinner. It’s a memory you’re going to treasure forever.”


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