DineSouth ’22: 1540 Room at The DeSoto

Flavors 482 Years in the Making

Photography: D. Lawrence Barksdale

1540 Room at The DeSoto

Flavors 482 Years in the Making.

Inside The DeSoto, Chef Collin Clemons and General Manager Andrew Noye join creative forces to bring you the dynamic flavors of a dining experience 482 years in the making.

Paying tribute to the rich history of the global spice trade, the 1540 Room takes inspiration from international flavor profiles combined with local ingredients sourced throughout the coastal empire. Thanks to careful partnerships with Lowcountry growers and cultivators, every dish—right down to the imaginative desserts—is a farm-to-table delight served in an elevated yet comfortable dining room with an open kitchen. Even the herbs are picked daily from the garden right outside The DeSoto. It all comes together to create a delightfully delicious culinary showcase you can only find in Savannah.

A can’t-miss place for both locals and visitors, you’ll want to make your reservation while checking out the current seasonally-inspired menu online—as well as 1540’s extensive wine selection. While you’re at it, go ahead and plan your next visit to see what’s new as the seasons change. •

15 E Liberty, Savannah, GA

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