Did you know the lucky number in China is eight

Well here at South, we like to think our lucky number is 13. It seems as if 2013 was the year we finally “made it,” as they say in showbiz. And that wasn’t our only showbiz reference in 2013. Our writers and photographers got the opportunity to photograph and interview A-list celebs like Jaimie Alexander and André Leon Talley. South magazine was reaching more people than ever before, writing content about celebrities both local and A-list, and seeing a revival of printed media unlike anything else. In this digital age, it seemed as if every magazine was foregoing their physicality in favor of a more virtual publication, but not us. In 2013, more than ever before, we worked extremely hard to provide a product that was packed full of useful information for the discerning Southerner, and despite some opposition, we managed to make something beautiful. 

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