Derek Adams is the Face of Adventure

derek adams of expert adventures is the face of adventure – photo: blake crosby

Meet Derek Adams.

Once upon a time, adventurers roamed the earth. Men of singular vision and a thirst for the next horizon, they ventured far and wide in search of the adrenaline rush that comes with discovery. Savannah native Captain Derek Adams might just be the last of the great adventurers. Raised among the fields and waterways of the South, fishing and hunting is in his blood. As the head of Expert Adventures, he wants to bring you along for the ride: fishing for mahi, tuna, wahoo, billfish and more aboard his 38-foot boat, the War Wagon; trekking through Alaskan wilderness in pursuit of moose; stalking white-tailed deer through the thick forest of the American Midwest. It’s the adventure of a lifetime, and for Adams it’s simply what he does best. / 912.665.8163