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Experienced specialists in kidney disease and hypertension

Diabetes and hypertension oftentimes go hand in hand, creating a multi-pronged assault on your body’s heart and kidneys. But more than that, they can instill in a patient a sense of dread and uncertainty, with the ever-present possibility of dialysis and more invasive procedures. The experienced team at Nephrology and Hypertension Medical Associates understands those fears, and more importantly understands the treatments that can keep their patients from dialysis.

The cornerstone of this practice, which is comprised of five locations throughout the Coastal Empire, is that relationship with the patient and the abiding respect for their wellbeing. Properly diagnosing and managing hypertension, as well as other conditions that lead to kidney disease, are the immediate priorities. For them, it’s about treating the patients on their own terms, with their needs and desires in mind. Our team is dedicated to work closely with other specialists, including cardiologists, endocrinologists, pharmacists, nurses, educators and dietitians to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care to patients who suffer from problems involving the kidneys, uncontrolled hypertension or complex blood pressure issues. 
Their board-certified physicians, representing some of the most experienced medical professionals in the area, are dedicated to their patients and ultimately to the health of the Southeast region. It’s part of what has built Nephrology and Hypertension Medical Associates’ sterling reputation since 1969.


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