David Pence knocked on their door before they had time to call


David Pence Knocked on their Door before they had Time to Call.

One would be hard pressed to find those not affected one way or another by Hurricane Matthew. It is during these times that our communities, resources and businesses face their greatest challenges and also show their incredible resolve. 
Immediately following one of the biggest natural disasters to hit the Coastal South in more than a decade, Allstate Agent, David Pence lept to action. While many of Hurricane Matthew’s victims were still trying to figure out what damage had occured, Pence scurried to help his clients before they had a chance to call him. 
Allstate agent David Pence was one of those businesses that faced the aftermath head on. He used this time to show why it is so essential to do business with an agent who not only sells a promise of service but also delivers on that promise. Even before many of David’s customers were back from evacuating, he and his wife Tina were out surveying homes to check on damages, assisting in claims filing and coordinating contractors to repair the damages.
When asked about this, David said, “Tina and I are very grateful that people choose to trust us as their agent and allow Allstate to protect them. It is during these times that customers realize where the agent makes a difference. An 800 number and customer service representatives do not bring people the same comfort when crises arise.” 
This was a significant challenge for the entire coastal region. It will be many months before the debris is completely cleared and houses are repaired. People are resilient though; they prove their ability to bounce back when adversity strikes and pull together when needed. David says, “I have been in this industry for 25 years and have faced many small catastrophes, but luckily never anything of this magnitude. I hope I am retired before I ever see this scenario again. But if it does occur, my staff, I and Allstate will be there to show ‘You’re in Good Hands with Allstate.’

What His Clients Are Saying…

“After Hurricane Matthew hit Savannah and we were allowed back into our home, we got a knock on our door from our local insurance agent (David Pence) asking us how we faired the storm.”
Steven R. • Savannah, GA
“l found David and his team to be very responsive after Hurricane Matthew. Because he provides all his customers his cell number, reaching David was not a problem. They are always available and ready to assist me whenever I call.”
Sheriff John Wilcher • Savannah, GA
“After October’s hurricane, we returned to downed trees and house damage resembling a war zone. David had already contacted us, and before we even had power restored, he and his wife came personally to our door to ask about us, again offering assistance. This man is what all agents should be like.”
Ted and Linda Copeland • Savannah, GA

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