Danny Falligant

This guy isn’t your average real-estate attorney. He’s been named a Georgia “Super Lawyer” and called the “Legal Elite” by Georgia Trend magazine, but his true mission in life is to save marriages. Falligant views his legal practice as a ministry rather than a profession and he successfully counsels couples (without charging them a dime) who’ve found themselves on the rocky road to divorce. 

He’s a champion of the sanctity of marriage—a crusader determined to save those who’ve lost hope and are marching down the road toward divorce. For many years, Danny Falligant, an otherwise powerful and well-known attorney in Savannah, has quietly spent his free time meeting with couples and counseling them in an effort to bring them together. And he does it without asking for a fee. His feeling is that divorce is a scourge on society—if there is a way he can help a couple stay together, he will find it. He reflects on the state of our culture today, “The problem is that we’re selfish. ‘Life’s about me.’ Well, it’s not. Life should be about your spouse.”

He says that he sees it over and over—a person chooses a mate because that mate will meet his needs. Then communication breaks down over time and that mate stops meeting his needs. “After a while, you come home from work and you’re tired. You and your spouse focus only on the kids and you stop talking, stop paying attention to each other. Your kids grow up and you suddenly realize you’re married to a stranger.”

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