Danielle Hicks: A Hidden Treasure


Danielle Hicks is tired of people asking her if all her songs are about men.

“People always assume I’m talking about sex or a guy,” she laughs as she takes a sip of her iced coffee, “but really I write these songs for myself.” It’s true, the lyrics in Hicks’ new album are unrepentant, fun, and sometimes subversively symbolic but sitting down with her at a coffee shop in the Victorian District, I am immediately comforted by the positive, unapologetic female energy radiating from this fiery redhead. Hicks is currently working on a new album of all original music and right after we meet she’s driving to a studio in Charlotte to finish mixing a few songs. “Hopefully we will be able to release the album in November,” she says with a coy smile, “I’m excited to be mixing and mastering these songs properly this time around.”

If you have never heard Hicks sing you are depriving yourself from something truly wonderful. In a world full of Miranda Lambert wannabes, Hicks has seemed to carve out a piece of alt-country music and made it all her own, creating a new sound for the city. Her voice is deep and sultry, but with a confidence that can elevate any song she’s singing. Many of us in town have seen her perform covers at places like Jazz’d and Huckapoo’s but you can tell she’s itching to show the world the music she’s been working on for over 10 years.

danielle hicks the tools

Hidden Treasure is a collection of songs that Hicks has written and collaborated for over a decade. Spanning from her early 20s in NYC to the rediscovering of her nitty-gritty Georgia roots, the album covers a range of styles from R&B and reggae to Americana and blues. South magazine has the only exclusive, pre-release download of the single “The Tools.” Click here to get it! This funky, sanguine number is a provocative metaphor for simply having what you need to succeed. You can pre-order your copy of Hidden Treasure through Pledge Music (via Daniellehicks.com) and don’t miss a surprise musical guest at the Album Release Party on December 9 at the Ships of Seas Maritime Museum!


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