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There’s something special about eating in the Lowcountry, especially on a sultry spring evening. When it comes to wining and dining, the South does it best. In this issue’s dining section, We’re taking a look at three of the region’s hottest and most unique dining experiences. Each venue has its own distinct style and brings out a different aspect of dining in the South. The Grey takes us back to the ‘30s and ‘40s Art Deco days; Treylor Park brings us up to the hopping ‘50s; The Laughing Boar takes us on new adventures with changing themes. Climb aboard this culinary trip. Let us journey to a 50’s-ish diner on Bay Street, the fun and funky Treylor Park. Owner Trey Wilder named the restaurant after himself, and why not? I like to pretend Elizabeth’s on 37th is my own personal eatery, so I concur. 

Wilder spotted a market niche in late-night dining. Treylor Park features all-day brunch, a 1 a.m. closing time, and a gorgeous red brick beer garden I would like to live in. Treylor Park has a clean, industrial look – both cool and classic with vintage touches on a backdrop of beautiful wood. Wilder tells me he salvaged and refurbished nearly everything in the restaurant, including wrought iron chandeliers and a bowling alley lane, now Treylor’s bar top. 

Remember when you were ten and it seemed really genius to combine your two favorite foods in order to make one hyper-amazing food? That’s the thesis behind Treylor Park’s menu, and, unlike your chocolate chip cookies-meets-lasagna concoction, it works. 

Beyond good eats, Wilder is dedicated to setting the right tone – music and mood lighting change according to the vibe and clientele.  I often choose my dining experiences based on lighting (fluorescents are out), so I fully appreciate the attention to detail here. Treylor Park is a microcosm of Savannah itself – both highbrow and low, sophisticated and down home Southern – and always, always up for a good time.   For the full article subscribe now!


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