Critz Auto Group

“We sell cars, but we also sleep and breathe cars.”

The team at Critz Auto Group are true car aficionados. They not only sell cars but also have a growing collection of vintage cars that preserve the history of Savannah. Five years ago, they started building their vintage fleet with an EMF that raced in The Great Savannah Races of 1908, 1910, and 1911. It’s the only one in Savannah and one of only four or five cars in the country that still exist from those races. They felt it would be the only opportunity for a real piece of Savannah history to come back to Savannah. 

That purchase “gave them the bug,” as they say, and they went on to add a 1935 BMW race car, a 1958 Buick Limited, and a reproduction of a 1935 Indianapolis 500 race car to round out their ever-expanding collection. As a third-generation owner of the business, Savannah’s car history is important to Dale Critz. He is a big believer in preservation and giving back to the community. The collection fulfills both of those goals for Critz. He loves to sell cars, of course, but he almost loves talking about them more. Almost. Stop by the showroom to check out a piece of Savannah history.

7000 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA
912.354.7000 •

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