Corona 19 Virus Impacts the South

Corona Virus Impact Photos by D. Paul Graham

Photography by D. Paul Graham

Savannah's Mayor Van Johnson issued a local state of emergency and issued all bars and nightclubs that do not serve food to be closed. Some bars and restaurants took precautions early and closed temporarily. 


The Corona Virus Impacts the South

With a single week, COVID-19 seems to have changed everything. Social distancing will ultimately be what defined the year 2020, regardless of how long this goes on. In a matter of days, the world became a place just beyond our front doors where we could only visit, but only with the utmost of care.

Public gatherings closed down, restaurants made what food available they could through take-out or delivery, and grocery stores struggled to keep up with the demand as everyone prepared for an extended quarantine. With the first week of social distancing behind us, and an unknown number ahead of us, Paul Graham took to the streets to capture images of a world on lockdown.

Many grocery chains like Publix are completely out of stock on cleaning supplies and paper products, such paper towels, hand soap and toilet paper.


Streets like the famous River Street in downtown Savannah Georgia that were once filled with locals and tourists on the weekends now eerily deserted. 


Furry friends at the Pounce Cat Cafe know to stay inside where it is safe.


Whole Foods remains open during the COVD-19 outbreak but takes extra precautions closing down prepared foods, restaurant and self-serve venues.


Some companies are revising their structure such as 24e on Broughton Street, who chose to move to appointment-only. 


Most restaurants, coffee shops and bars are only open to grab and go service, while some have shut down completely.


The famous Leopolds Ice Cream in Savannah, Georgia takes precautions with social distancing. 


All are affected by the virus and medias all over the world cannot ignore one of the biggest moments in history. 


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