CoolSculpting with Dr. Pearl at Savannah Plastic Surgery

On a list of things that are not commonly associated with plastic surgery, “easy,” “painless” and “convenient enough to squeeze into your daily life” are the three characteristics that would hit the top. 

What if Savannah Plastic Surgery offered a service that checks all of those boxes? 

CoolSculpting is a freezing procedure designed to reduce the lumps that diet and exercise can’t quite shake in appointments of only 35 – 90 minutes. When you’re done, you are free to go straight back to your job, errands and workout classes. Who needs liposuction when spot reduction can be that easy? 

While you’re there, you can either relax in the spa-like atmosphere or settle in to check emails, make calls and keep up with work. If you keep up a healthy lifestyle, you’ll see results in 30 days, and after 60 days, you’ll forget those bumps were even there. The only evidence will the before and after photos, showing you the progress you’ve made. 

If trimming those last few pounds can be effortless for once, why not do your body a favor and make your first CoolSculpting appointment at Savannah Plastic Surgery.