Compassion That Improves Quality of Life

Vision and perspective of medicine which drew Dr. Sizemore to primary care.

For Dr. Leslie Sizemore, going above and beyond is simply part of the job. Drawn to primary care by her broad vision and perspective on medicine, she has pursued a career defined by the relationships she forms with patients. Developing that rapport and building that trust is how Dr. Sizemore expands the scope of care, treating the whole patient. This dedication has led her to go the extra mile for her patients again and again, reconnecting family members with an ailing relative and helping a patient and their family find the right hospice facility. And that’s on top of her expertise as a physician, which extends to all aspects of medicine from family care to women’s care.

“Whether it’s through treatment or compassion, improving a patient’s quality of life is the most rewarding part of my job.” 


According to Dr. Sizemore, the sweeping age range of her primary care clients keeps things interesting. Treating patients ages 4 and older means dealing with an array of ailments such as the common cold, urological issues, assistance with healthy aging, and more. Primary care also allows her to provide women’s health services. “When it comes to women’s health,” Dr. Sizemore says, “many females prefer visiting a female physician. I’m grateful to provide those services for ladies. And I can treat the whole family, too. I don’t feel limited in what I’m able to do for my patients.”


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