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Money needs management.

Sam Hubbard doesn’t just care about finances – he cares about your finances.

If you were to ask Sam Hubbard to define “financial success” on his own terms, you might be surprised to learn that this Savannah native’s answer is actually quite simple – good news for those of us who still have trouble counting out the correct change for a slice at Vinnie’s.

“To me, being financially successful means balancing your budget, your income and your expenses,” says the founder and managing director of Coastal Capital Management. “It’s also about having enough that you can cut off a sliver for savings, working towards any long-term, bigger projects like retirement and travel.”


Like many professionals with a tenacious passion for their chosen field, Hubbard is able to pinpoint the exact moment he took a “liking” to numbers. He was 13, and had just been given his first golden ticket to the stock market via a handful of Eastman Kodak Company shares. The ambitious young analyst tracked his small stake religiously, monitoring the market’s ups and downs in the daily newspaper. Hubbard translated that same committed enthusiasm to Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in New York City, where he spent more than 15 years perfecting the art of the buy/sell. When the opportunity arose to launch a firm independently in his hometown, Hubbard – now with a wife and two children in tow – headed back down South.


“Clients want to know that their financial advisor cares about their money, and not about their own money.”


Unfettered by the obligations and limitations of a corporate conglomerate, Hubbard capitalizes on the ability to run his firm with an overall emphasis on tailoring the right services and strategies to match each client’s unique situation, ideas, and goals for their investments. Maintaining trust and transparency within the investor/client relationship is a cornerstone of Coastal Capital Management, and Hubbard strives to provide both through regular communication and conservative fees.

“Clients want to know that their financial advisor cares about their money, and not about their own money,” he says. “With me, you’re not just a number. I take my business home with me. I take my clients home with me. That’s the difference.” 


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