ClubSouth Brews for a Cause

The premier of Brews for a Cause brought together a crowd of young creative professionals Thursday evening at Jazz’d Tapas Club to raise money for the Nineline Foundation.

 But perhaps more importantly, it served as the lead-off event for an entirely new organization dedicated to utilizing the tremendous young talent Savannah enjoys, channeling it toward our area non-profits and service organizations. Club South, as this new organization will be called, was organized by South magazine and will feature 11 great events like Brews for a Cause and other events in this region that will bring together a group of Southern professionals who are interested in networking and living Southern life to its fullest.

Tracy Graham, Makailah Parker

Tara Keil, Maria Zapata



Nathan White, Liz Galarza

Debbie & Michael Gallagher


Jack Trip, Tracy Graham, Michael Brooks

Meaghan McFadden, Josh Flores




Tyler Roe, Kelly Youman

Nathan White, Lamar Stevens

Derek Lameut, Dane Eckard Sr.

South Magazine Crew

Cole Rossiter, Caitlin Webb


Dawn Stahl, Fran Belloir

Kareem Nelson, Corey Bascombe

Billy Miller, Gena Sullivan

Corri Groover, Holly Barrett, Emily Tillman


Kattie Thompson, Gena Sullivan

Ashley Vick, Melissa Vogeler

Tyler Merritt, Tom, Michael Brooks

Hadley Stambaugh, Colin Gray

The South Magazine Crew Part 2

Billy Miller, Gena Sullivan, Makailah Parker