Clean Eatz


Clean Eatz

Living a healthier lifestyle with cleaner ingredients.

Clean Eatz is a full-service cafe that also offers a large variety of prepackaged meals, customizing the process to fit the customer’s specific needs. Their storefront serves made-to-order dishes using only the finest ingredients. Additionaly, Clean Eatz offers weekly plans that are made for in-house pickup, refrigerated and not frozen. Their meals are natural and genuine, crafted without needless greases or butter, and certainly without any harsh added substances. Each packaged meal is labeled in copious detail, describing the meal’s macros — that is, the carbs, fats and proteins — as well as a designation for either lose, maintain or gain. By informing the consumer about the quality of their meals, Clean Eatz helps foster awareness for the importance of natural ingredients. Their ultimate goal is to help educate people about eating right and living healthy lives, focusing on the quality, not the quantity, of what goes into your body. 

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912-344-4710 • • 6825 Waters Avenue, Savannah, GA

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