Class 101: College Planning Consultant


Confused About Preparing For College?

Class 101 guides you and your college-bound student through the complex steps leading to university admission.

Janese Cooper is affiliated with Class 101 – Savannah, where she began helping students with college planning process in 2016. Class 101 has helped students and families save millions of dollars on higher education over the last 19 years. In Georgia, Janese has worked with students, conducting one-on-one college planning, preparation for standardized tests, facilitating visits to universities across the country, and conducting financial aid workshops for families. 
Janese earned her undergraduate degree in Finance from Hampton University and an MBA degree from Georgia Southern University. She has worked in the banking industry and has also operated a Kumon Center in Savannah. She has also served as financial officer for the Chatham Savannah Youth Futures Authority. She and her husband Philip are the parents of two teenagers, both of whom will be headed to college in the next few years.

Our Services…

College Planning Services
ACT, SAT, PSAT Classes and Strategies
DISC Assessment
  • Developement of Major/Career
List of Seminars
  • Financial Aid 101
  • 5 Secrets to Make College More Affordable

Detailed list of services we provide…

  • A realistic evaluation of college costs and help in finding ways to meet them.
  • Test practice sessions to reduce anxiety and maximize SAT and ACT scores.
  • Developing a list of colleges that match what the student and family are looking for.
  • Assistance in putting together a student's resume.
  • Proofreading, brainstorming, and coaching to improve essays.
  • Guidance in completing federal financial aid forms. 
  • Access to information about scholarships.
  • Guided campus visits at numerous universities.
  • Support in maintaining high school grades.
  • Help in meeting application deadlines, scholarships, and other financial deadlines.
  • Assistance with athletic recruiting. 
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