Chris Robinson Finds Peace In ‘Farm-To-Table Psychedelic Rock N Roll’ Band

Since his turbulent days in the multi-platinum selling group The Black Crowes, Atlanta native Chris Robinson finds peace in his laid back California ‘Farm-To-Table Psychedelic Rock N Roll’ band. After thirty years in the music business, Robinson never lost his southern roots.

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood from left to right: Neal Casal (guitar), Adam MacDougal (keyboard),  Tony Leone (drums), and Chris Robinson (lead vocals and guitar).

Atlanta native Chris Robinson called me from his Marin County, California, home to discuss his new record Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel released on July 29, 2016. Robinson sold thirty-five million records with The Black Crowes. He’s traveled the world over since he left Georgia, and experienced all the tempting trappings of fame. These days, Robinson prefers a grassroots mode of operandi with his new group The Chris Robinson Brotherhood.


Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel record released on July 29, 2016.

Robinson’s parents Stan and Nancy were musicians. Stan Robinson earned a hit with “Boom A Dip Dip” in 1959, and even appeared on The Dick Clark Show. In 1984, Chris and his younger brother Rich formed a band in Atlanta, Mr. Crowes Garden, that later transformed into the multi-platinum group The Black Crowes. In 2015, Chris and Rich decided The Black Crowes would never play together again. The pressure, internal conflict and brutal mechanisms of the business burned Robinson out on his old band. 

Since 2011, Robinson’s new group–The Chris Robinson Brotherhood or The CRB–cultivated a dedicated following based on their “Farm To Table Psychedelic RocknRoll” ethos. The CRB retains a mellower groove than the blues-based grit of The Black Crowes. True to form, Anchor Brewing brewed ‘Brotherhood Steam Beer’ inspired by Robinson’s group. The CRB fourth album, Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel, captures the band’s earthy essence. The CRB tour continues until the end of the year. 


Now in his 50’s, legendary rocker Chris Robinson is set on returning to his roots and creating a music experience that answers to no one. Photo credit: Ross Halfin

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