Chip Welch

Starting at the bottom, this dealer learned the tricks of the trade by working for his dad. 

Ever Since the age of three, Chip Welch has grown up on the showroom floor. He got his first job at his dad’s dealership washing cars. At 12 years old he learned the ins and outs of the car industry and was the youngest person to become a certified Ford salesman. For Chip, sales is about people — meeting them, learning about them, hearing their stories. He credits his dad with teaching him that lesson and many others.

They both have strong work ethics — that was instilled at an early age. They are both philanthropic and dedicated to the community. They are certainly both good at selling cars, but Chip finds the lessons he has learned apply not just to selling cars, but to life in general — kindness, determination, generosity, charity. He didn’t think he would learn them at a car dealership, but he’s glad he did.

4920 Independence Blvd, Hardeeville, SC 
843.288.0100 •

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