Check Out Who Was Featured on Fox News This Morning…

Check out one of our featured artists this month, Steve Penley, whose work was seen on FOX News during an interview with Herman Cain.

"There's a portrait of Ronald Reagan by Steve Penley behind you…"

Fox reporter James "Steve" Doocy was referring to the portrait in the background by South's feature artist this month, Steve Penley as Herman Cain was being interviewed this morning on Fox News. Cain was commenting on the Trump Upset from the presidential election last night when Doocy referenced the famous portrait of Ronald Reagan.

In our October/November issue of South magazine, featured artist Steve Penley is no stranger to color. Often times referred to as the Republican party's favorite artist, Penley's art captures the spirit of classic American symbols and adds a personal twist of vibrancy with his bold brush strokes and use of color. 

Penley's art has not only become popular among politicians, with Ronald Regan as one of his frequent sources for inspiration but he is also known as the Coca-Cola artist. 

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