Chazito’s Latin Cuisine

Fusion Puerto Rican classics rooted in tradition.

Given that he was born into a large, ethnic Puerto Rican family where food is celebrated, it’s only natural that Chef Chaz Ortiz ended up owning two restaurants and a food truck. Deeply rooted in Puerto Rican tradition, Chazito’s first opened in a tent on River Street and has since moved up to a food truck, a full scale restaurant in Pooler, and a new location in Statesboro that opened in September. The quality of Chazito’s Latin Cuisine is embedded in Ortiz’s ability to make classic Puerto Rican dishes identifiable to those not familiar. By infusing other cultures, he creates dishes that people already recognize so they can identify with it. Take, for example, the Puerto Rican Lasagna or the Yuca-To-Be-Kidding, a Latin-style Shepard’s Pie. Although the food is fusion, the atmosphere is classic Puerto Rican. “It’s loud. It’s vibrant. It’s energetic,” Ortiz says with a laugh. With graffiti art and paintings by locals, it’s fast paced and always family friendly.

Statesboro – 441 SE Main Street Statesboro, Georgia / 912.259.1564
Pooler – 217 US Highway 80 E. Pooler, Georgia / 912.348.3373 /