Care for Whole Family

Where taking care of the whole family is the prescription

For Dr. William Knight,  medicine isn’t just a way to treat sickness and promote better health. It is a way to change lives, making a positive impact one patient at a time. His dedication to others began during his youth when he volunteered with the Community Health Mission and blossomed as he pursued a career in medicine right in his hometown at Savannah’s Mercer University School of Medicine. His residency would take him to Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System in Spartanburg, South Carolina, but his love of Savannah and its people would draw him home.

Today, Dr. Knight specializes in family medicine and continues in his life-long mission to give back. Traveling the world, he’s given freely of his time and talents to provide quality healthcare to those who need it most. Even closer to home, he continues to give any spare time available to help those who can’t afford to regularly visit the doctor’s office and has no plans to stop that habit anytime soon. 


It was Dr. Knight’s interest in working with family dynamics that helped make this choice in specialty. “I love taking care of all ages,” Dr. Knight explained. “It’s such a fulfilling thing to be able to address every family member’s health problems and better their lives.” Dr. Knight loves making a difference in people’s lives. Whether it be through fixing a health problem or by instilling positive habits that can make a difference later down the road, this physician is ready for the challenge. In particular, Dr. Knight believes wholeheartedly that a part of his job as a physician is to give back to the community and provide healthcare to those who need it the most.


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