Burgess Law Group Has Your Back

Growing up in Savannah, Stephanie Burgess always had a dream to return to her hometown to serve and defend those in her community.

Known for her work with at- risk youth, Stephanie Burgess fights for more than just felonies and misdemeanors. She is dedicated to helping find the best overall outcome for everyone involved. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Burgess and find out how her group became known as “the small office with the big fight.” 


BEFORE BECOMING AN ATTORNEY… Burgess worked with the criminal justice system in the jail and among law enforcement for 10 years.

BURGESS ALSO DEVOTES HER TIME… to community issues that affect juveniles and those suffering with disabilities. 

SHE FIRMLY BELIEVES… no fight is too big or too small for her law group. 


Did you know

  • Stephanie Burgess is a Board Member of Youth Futures Authority of Savannah and Chatham- Savannah Citizen Advocacy
  • She has over 10 years of law experience
  • Her goal is to protect your future and your rights


Burgess’ tips for surviving the courtroom

  1. Dress professionally– judges pay attention to a defendant’s appearance and the last thing a defendant needs is to be scolded by a judge for dressing inappropriately.
  2. Watch your demeanor– judges and juries pay close attention to nonverbal communication and body language of defendants. That can even mean your posture, so practice good posture if you’re on trial.
  3. Listen to your lawyer– If you’re being represented by counsel, communicate with your attorney only. Never try to be intentionally heard whispering to your attorney. 


For more on Stephanie Burgess and the Burgess Law Group, LLC, you can visit their website or check out our latest article in this edition of South's Finest Lawyers

Or you can contact them directly at 912-233-6112