Buon Appetito! Top 5 Italian Restaurants

Italiano! It’s all in the family here in Savannah, and there’s plenty of hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurants to make you feel like one of the fam. Whether your poison is a classic chicken alfredo or an old fashioned lasagna, take a trip across the sea—or, across the street, rather—to one of these Italian classics.

1. Bella’s Italian Cafe, bellascafe.com

With delicious Italian Cuisine in a intimate romantic setting with fresh Italian bites, this quaint establishment will surely impress. Voted best Italian cafe in Savannah, Bella’s is an intimate family run restaurant that has freshly made Italian food. Maybe you enjoy a nice Pinot Noir from Italy but don’t want to travel to taste it. Don’t worry, Bella’s has it.


2. Pacci Italian Kitchen, paccisavannah.com

You can get the best taste of southern soulful Italian dishes here. With Pacci’s abundant use of timeless techniques and purely rich ingredients this Italian eatery will have you returning for more and more.


3. Cuoco Pazzo Cucina Italiana, cuocopazzosavannah.com

Searching for “Italian with a Twist?” Your search ends and your taste buds begin, by sampling dishes of traditional Italian classics with a kick. Might I add the extensive section of wines from around the world.


4. Garibaldi, garibaldisavannah.com

Nestled in the historic downtown of Savannah, this romantic, former firehouse, high-spirited restaurant provides simple elegance and sophistication while being a favorite amongst many locals. Customers find joy in dining in ties and dresses or shorts and tees.


5. Bella Napoli Italian Bistro, bellanapolibistro.com

This cozy, hole-in-the-wall spot is perfect for classic Italian cooking, including pizza paired with wines in a traditional setting. From an all Italian family, they’re sure not to disappoint.


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