Broaden Your Taste Buds. Top 5 Ethnic Restaurants

Why spend an obscene amount of money to travel the world when there’s a melting pot of eclectic and ethnic restaurants right here in the Hostess City? From Mexican, to Greek, to Southeast Asian, Savannah’s not shy about welcoming other parts of the world. 

1. CO,

A warm and inviting space, paired with bold flavors and colorful ingredients, CO  is a place for gathering and enjoyment.  Masanori Shiraishi prepares your appetite for a menu that immerses traditional and modern offerings together. The Pan-Asian fare focuses on Vietnamese dishes, and include noodles, pho, sushi and banh mi. They even have gluten-free and vegan options to guarantee there’s something for everyone.


2. Skyler’

Filling the bellies of hungry customers for over twenty years, Skyler’s specializes in a variety of delicious choosings including Asian, European and American plates.


3. Olympia Cafe,

A Greek eatery home to 32 flavors of ice cream and gelato. With platter’s named “Aphrodite’s Delight” and wine called “Chateau Julia Chardonnay”, your meal will be nothing short of refreshing and lavish.


4. Flying Monk Noodle Bar,

Peking duck and succulent pig can be found on The Flying Monk’s chopping board and dishes. Fresh noodles are prepared by hand, daily and are included in an assortment of dishes from various Asian nations.


5. Huey’s,

Settled in a cotton warehouse from the 1800s, Huey’s serves a flavorful intermix of American, Cajun, Creole and Southern cooking. Not only will you get a taste of mouth watering dishes but a serving of New Orleans atmosphere will be free for the taking.


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