Bringing a Pop of Color to Savannah

 Designer and entrepreneur Emily McCarthy talks her new flagship store and what’s to come for her brand.


 If an artist is a reflection of his or her own creations, then Emily McCarthy is a colorful, bold and fearless designer. Her posh taste and chic aura blend seamlessly with the interior of her new flagship shop in Savannah. For the past three years, McCarthy has managed her gift and paper boutique business online. With the opening of her first flagship store the Emily McCarthy Shoppe, the designer is ecstatic to have an operating space with as much character as her designs.

“This used to be a salon for like 20 years,” McCarthy said. “And we needed an office and studio  that was completely connected to the store so that we can run our online business and still be a part of the store. We just needed more room to grow.” After earning her bachelor’s in graphic design and photography from LaGrange College in LaGrange, Ga., McCarthy continued to practice her technique as both a designer and creative entrepreneur.

“I come from a background in stationery and gift,” she said. “I started out in college working for a small stationary store, then worked for a stationary company, like a wholesale company, right out of college.” McCarthy’s experience in the gift and stationery retail realm prepared and inspired her to design her own products and pursue her passion for artful conception. She said her favorite part of the creative process is the designing.

“There’s something about imagining something in my head and seeing how it comes together. There’s something really rewarding about that.” 


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