Breakin' Bad

Break those bad habits in the New Year once and for all with these nine tips from some of Savannah's healthiest:

  • “Make sure that whatever it is you’re doing that you’re feeling happy. And eventually the exterior will mirror how you feel. ” –Jodie Luther-Kofod
  • “One of the biggest things I say to the people I train is that if you have a bad week or a bad day, just push it aside and keep going. Just keep trying. And have somebody to help you be accountable.” -Deborah Fleming
  • “Anything that you can do that is more than what you’re doing yesterday is positive. Take it slow, give your body time. It takes time to get to a place where you’re happy.” -Katherine Albert
  • “Small changes do and will make a difference! Those extra calories that you can avoid by not eating the leftovers from the highchair tray or what remains on the kids' plates will add up!” –Vandi Marquez
  • “You can avoid trips to the doctor if you eat right and get the proper nutrition and get proper sleep.” -Mark Stewart
  • “Every action is about healing yourself. We should spend every effort to help our bodies do what they're supposed to do. Thirty-five pounds later I don’t have any more back pain or foot pain—it’s all gone. “ -Trenton Spencer
  • “You see results when you cut sugars and carbs. Don’t eat it if it doesn’t grow or if it doesn’t have a mother or father.” – Darlene Majesky
  • "I ask myself, 'What is my body asking for?'" -Staisha Riehl
  • "To not work out is abnormal. Your body needs it." -Geoff Riehl

Written by Lindsey Grovenstein

Photography by Jabberpics and Danny Griffin