Bobby Deen: A Southern Inspiration

Like anybody who was born and raised in the deep south, Bobby Deen grew up in a home surrounded by fried chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese, peach cobbler and tons of love. He’s originally from Albany, Georgia, but fate brought him to Savannah more than 25 years ago.


Back in 1989, the Deen family started a home operated business out of necessity: The Bag Lady, which consisted of his mom, Paula Deen, making sandwiches out of their kitchen while Bobby and his brother Jamie served as the delivery boys selling the meals to different people in banks, offices and stores around the city. After a few years of hard work, joyful moments and many tears they opened what eventually became one of the most successful restaurants in town: The Lady and Sons.


Every year their restaurant draws thousands of tourists to Savannah whose only purpose is to try the decadent southern recipes that Bobby’s mom, the “Queen of Southern Cuisine”, has created.


If you are a man and you grew up in a southern family you most likely are a true gentleman with a charming accent and maybe some extra pounds that have accumulated over the years as a result of so much love in the kitchen. Yes, love.


A lot of people in the south show their love to the people around them through their delicious homemade comfort food. This is one of the best parts of living in this region of the country but it could also take a toll on anyone’s waistline.


That’s what happened to Bobby. At age 30 he realized that the long hours working at the restaurant combined with an overdose of hoecakes and biscuits got him feeling uncomfortable in his own skin and not as energized as he’d like to be. That’s when he met Sam Carter through a mutual friend that worked at the restaurant; what he didn’t know was that on that day his life would change forever.


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