Bluemercury: The "Human Googles of Make-up"

Bluemercury is a leading luxury beauty retailer that specializes in cosmetics, skin care, hair products and spa services. This nationwide beauty boutique has just opened its 100th store in downtown Savannah. Learn how this beauty brand is changing the game for professional women of all ages.

Makeup doesn't normally play by seasonal rules, but this summer marks a new era in the way professional women wear makeup in Savannah, GA.

Bluemercury is the largest luxury beauty and retail spa chain, e-commerce provider, and cosmetics brand developer in the nation. The CEOs, Marla and Barry Beck, chose to open their 100th location on Broughton St. in Savannah, GA.

I know I'm not the only one who thinks wearing makeup for the workplace is a hassle.

Wearing makeup correctly was never really a big deal to me until I realized I needed a professional style that could easily transpose from daytime to nighttime in order to suit the networking scene here in Savannah. In a desperate cry for help, I scheduled an appointment with a chain beauty supplier who offers make-up tutorials. I explained that I was looking for a few quick fixes to my daily regiment. Something that would be appropriate for work. After several hours of consultation, I did not get the "upgrade" I was hoping for. Goopy red Kylie Jenner lips, scary amounts of contour and theatrical eyebrows – this was not the face I wanted to show in client presentations. 


I thought make-up was supposed to compliment your complexion, enhance your features and make you feel prettier?

South's Account Executive, Mary Thomas Pickett, at the Grand Opening for Bluemercury, Savannah. 

There is no better time for women to look, act, and feel our best in the workplace than right now. Bluemercury has opened their 100th store in downtown Savannah and just in time. Visionary CEOs Barry and Marla Beck have been operating Bluemercury stores all over the country since 1999 and are so excited to be in the Savannah market. Barry told South, "The more time I spend in Savannah, I realize opening the 100th store here was meant to be." Savannah is the perfect complement to the Bluemercury philosophy: down to earth people with a passion for beauty. They believe that what sets them apart from other beauty competitors is their experienced staff and thoughtful process behind each product and brand chosen to be sold. Offering more than just beauty products, Bluemercury staffs experienced cosmetologists that show women what products are best for them and not just what is trending. 

Three problems you can kiss goodbye, thanks to the cosmetic community at Bluemercury:

Problem #1 – There are too many products to choose from.

Matte vs. glossy? Blush or bronzer? (Marla tells us to try blush over bronzer!) Regardless, the whole process of buying these products can be a bit intimidating. But think how nice it would be to get real answers from a trusted source. "Imagine getting beauty advice from a Human Google. That's the same level of expertise you're getting from our staff," said Barry during his interview with South

Problem #2 – You're afraid of the cosmetic counter.

My previous makeover experience felt like one big scam to try and get me to purchase insanely priced products I really didn't need. After vowing to never buy makeup from an experience like that, I realize that I'm not alone. 

Marla Beck shared with South her beauty-retail experiences when she was in her twenties. "I was always treated poorly by the women selling makeup from behind the counters because I looked like I couldn't afford them," said Beck. Instead of giving up on make-up, Marla created her own beauty store so that other women could feel confident while shopping. Bluemercury teaches women to embrace who you are and what you want by showing customers what works for them specifically. Consultants are trained to show you both high end and lower end priced options and will be totally honest when something is not a good match on you.

Problem #3 – The question:"What do I do with this?"

"I learn something every time I walk into one of our stores," says Marla. "When you leave with a product, you know exactly how to use it and why."


Bluemercury is famous for giving out samples. This is because they want women to feel confident in their beauty purchases. Nothing feels worse than buying expensive products only to realize it just isn't working for you. No more buying makeup just to get home and find its the wrong color for you. If you're looking for a specific product or solution, ask the experts. Not only will they help you find the right product, but they will show you how to use it properly. 

Wearing makeup isn't just about looking pretty, it's about feeling powerful in your skin and embracing who you are. Bluemercury brings hardworking women beauty products that they (and their skin) deserve. With their vast knowledge, quality products and friendly service, let Bluemercury be your new neighborhood beauty supplier.

For more information, check out Bluemercury's website

To learn more about the Savannah store, visit them at their newest location at 110 W. Broughton Street, or call them at 912-238-3333.