Behind the Scenes with Jaimie Alexander

When you pick up South magazine’s October/November 2013 issue you may be wondering who that beautiful woman is on the cover. Easy—that’s actress Jaimie Alexander. Now, why is Thor’s “Goddess of War” gracing our magazine? That will take a little more explaining.

Alexander is a southerner at heart hailing from Greenville, South Carolina. The actress began her career on the locally shot film, Savannah. During her time in Savannah she even got to sit down and enjoy a southern meal at Mrs. Wilkes’. Consequently, Danny Griffin, who has shot for South in the past, lives in California where Alexander just so happened to be at in preparation for the release of her new film, Thor: God of War that releases tomorrow, November 8. Thus our cover star was born! Griffin and his team were able to Alexander in Santa Monica just for South. Alexander was fun and personable, Griffin said. But don’t let that fool you! She’s also handy with a sword, as seen in Thor movies where she plays Sif.