Beach Dining: Coco’s Sunset Grille

Summer is in full swing; patios and docks are packed with sun-kissed faces and familiar smiles. Boaters have perfected their wave, and the sunscreen is flowing along with the next Southern heatwave. ‘Tis the season for all the seafood you can eat—likely fresh caught that very morning. Beach and-creek-side hotspots are culinary gems in the seafood world, but the views from the table are even better. South scoured Tybee Island for all of the top spots that guaranteed a beach experience—from casual to elegant atmosphere and everything in between. We’ve got the spots, you bring the ocean-sized appetite.

Coco’s Sunset Grille

According to local folklore, the story of CoCo goes like this: There once was a monkey named CoCo who had a really hard time waking up in the morning. He lived on Tybee Island with all of his animal friends. Every morning, his friends would gather at the beach to watch the sun rise in the east—and CoCo would miss it. At night, when his friends fell asleep early, he was left awake, alone. One day, he ventured over to the creek on the west side of the island and discovered the most breathtaking sunset. So, while his early bird friends watched the sunrise, he had a beautiful evening sunset to look forward to. Soon, CoCo’s friends would stay up to join him in watching the sunset over good music, tasty meals and plenty of laughs.

As the face of CoCo’s Sunset Grille, CoCo often poses with enviable cocktails and seafood creations for social media, promoting the restaurant’s latest creations and offerings. CoCo’s Sunset Grille is one of the only restaurants on the island located on an active marina, so the seafood literally could not be any fresher. From the dock, through the kitchen and straight to the table, guests can enjoy local Southern seafood preparations. This family-friendly atmosphere is great for the whole crew, family and friends. Come for the food, stay for the good times and great views.

1A Old US Highway 80
Tybee Island, GA
912.786.7810 |