Battlbox debuts their new Netflix show “Southern Survival”

“Southern Survival” is the newest action-packed show to hit Netflix. Filmed in Portal, Georgia, watch the team at Battlbox field test all their specialty equipment in this fiery new program, premiering today (Friday, June 3rd).

Battlbox is a premium subscription company based out of Statesboro, Georgia. They send a monthly box of EDC survival gear to your doorstep, including hatchets, knives, firestarter kits, water purification tools, micro stoves, LED headlamps, splints, masks and everything you could possibly need to survive in the wild. Each box is curated by the experts at Battlbox, and their Netflix show “Southern Survival” is where they test all of their gadgets in the field. 


Battlbox CEO Daniel Dabbs originally owned a screen-printing company in Statesboro; his passion for survival led him to create Battlbox as a way for people to receive specialty tools without the hassle of vetting a large quantity of products on the market. Now he and his team are testing out their products on the largest streaming service in the world. 



In an interview with the Statesboro Herald, Daniel said that they take “a practical approach to being prepared … unlike many of the so-called ‘doomsday preppers’ that have a negative connotation.” This is echoed throughout “Southern Survival,” as the Battlbox crew test their products with a playful zeal that tries not to take itself too seriously. “What good is surviving disasters if you can’t have fun doing it?” says the Netflix description for the show. 


“Southern Survival” is the ultimate guide to lasting in the wilderness. The Battlbox team builds shelter, creates fire, finds potable water, and learns how to survive. If that doesn’t sound too exciting, they also test flamethrowers, animal protection devices, car-window breaking tools and explosives; not to mention flying around in a Huey helicopter and learning how to escape from a submerged car. 

PHOTO: Netflix


Watch the action-packed trailer for “Southern Survival” here, or watch it now on Netflix by clicking here