Baby Care Anywhere

Everyone has heard the age-old adage, “Life doesn’t come with an Instruction Manual.” That of course doesn’t keep us from venturing to the Internet or the bookstore searching constantly for answers to life’s little questions. We’ve even taken to calling ourselves “Dummies” in the hopes that these how-to manuals will yield something other than confusion. Motherhood is no different of course. There seems to be endless resources for new moms on top of all the advice you will inevitably get from everyone you know who has ever had a child. Overwhelming to say the least.

Enter: Baby Care Anywhere, anywhere being the operative word. This book, penned by Savannah Pediatricians Ben Spitalnick and Keith Seibert, is not for the moms of days past. This book is for the mom on the go, the multi-tasker who needs answers at her fingertips.

The book itself is small in size and meant to fit in a baby bag or purse, and when you look at the table of contents you see that every section is neatly organized and in chronological order starting with “How to Pick Your Pediatrician”. Already you’ve calmed down a little right? What every modern mother needs are fast answers to important questions, and for most expectant newbies all there is to fill this void are vague and often anxiety producing websites like WebMD.

Ben Spitalnick and Keith Seibert had very similar paths, both going to UGA and ending up in Savannah and although they are managing partners of different practices the idea of collaborating on a book seemed like a no-brainer. Dr. Spitalnick explains this over coffee one afternoon, “all the books out there were too dense so often new moms looked at Google or other sites to get answers.” They wanted to make a book based on correctness that was also easy to access. 

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