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Southern Coast Heart Ball

After several years of being held in Hilton Head, the 25th Annual Southern Coast Heart Ball returned to downtown Savannah. Chaired by Ricky Molina, the event included dinner, dancing, silent and live auctions. 

Brews for a Cause Spring, 2022

On Thursday, March 31, South magazine, Southern Crown Partners and Common joined forces to celebrate Brews for a Cause. Many were in attendance to raise money for Renegade Paws and to celebrate the newly released Spring Travel and Adventure issue of South magazine.

Upper East Rivers Shares 5 Small Ways to Support Nature From Your Savannah Yard

Savannah is a place with a plethora of beautiful wildlife. Given its proximity to the ocean, mountains, and deep-growth forests alike, the Hostess City and its surrounding areas are a sort of haven in the Southeast. Upper East River recently talked about all of the lovely birds you can spot from your Savannah home. And today, they're going to talk about how you can help them (and other creatures and critters). Here are five small ways to support nature from your Savannah yard!

Hazel Virtue's Eric Britt

Often referenced as the “next big thing” out of Athens, Hazel has toured for years, worked and played hard.

PLAYSOUTH: Ball Your Heart Out - April 2

After several years of being held in Hilton Head, the 25th Annual Southern Coast Heart Ball will return to downtown Savannah. Chaired by Ricky Molina, Area CEO of Encompass Health, the event will include dinner, dancing, silent and live auctions. 

GoSouth: Atlanta

The one true capital of the South, Atlanta sits at the epicenter of an electrifying energy that is transforming the region. On the one hand, it is a metropolis writ large, with arts, culture and a spirit that is second to none. Ask anyone this side of the Mason Dixon how to get to “The City” and they’ll point you here. On the other, it still carries that timeless Southern authenticity and hospitality that sets the South apart. Carrying the best of the past into a dazzling future it is creating for itself, Atlanta is the standard bearer for the new South, with so much to explore.

Home-grown Products For the Intrepid Adventurer

For the bold at heart, there are many adventures to be had in the South. However, it is important to be prepared for anything when on an adventure. This means it is important to do your research and make sure you have the right travel products and clothing to fit every possibility.

Dining in the Dark 2022

On March 5, 2022, the Savannah Center for Blind and Low Vision hosted their annual Dining in the Dark, a unique and delicious four-course meal in complete darkness.

Last Stop: Rabbit Holes

Mia and Cajun hunt for GoPro treats on Atlantic Beach, Fla., with parents Anthony and Elise Kantin. 

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at The Alida in Savannah

There’s no better destination in the Southeast to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than Savannah. This year’s events will mark the first St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival since 2019, so grab your green and add The Alida’s line-up of events to the holiday’s schedule.

Bodies: Fitness Photographers

A ​​great athlete is, in themselves, a kind of work of art. Just as a sculptor chisels away rock to reveal the beauty within, these elite athletes chisel away weakness to create a fine-tuned machine. The ability to capture that art in a single, mesmerizing moment is what sets these fitness photographers apart. South presents the third installment of curated works from some of the greatest wellness and exercise  photographers wandering the Southeast.

Live Music At The Alida Every Week in March!

Locals and guests alike are invited to join us for live music by some of Savannah’s favorite artists, every week from 6 pm to 9 pm. Live music will either take place at The Lost Square or The Trade Room

PlaySouth: Dining In The Dark - March 5th

The Savannah Center for Blind and Low Vision invites you to experience a rare and unique experience that you will never forget! Tentatively on March 5th, enjoy a delicious four-course meal in complete darkness. Step into an unfamiliar world, with this unique sensory deprivation experience, giving guests an intimate understanding of vision loss. Dinner will be served by Savannah’s very own SWAT team, using special night vision technology.

"Cuffing Season" is Over: Time to Plan a Girls Trip

“Cuffing Season” is coming to an end, so it’s time to shed those temporary relationships and layers and plan a girl’s trip to the South. Just two hours from each other, Charleston to Savannah each offer an escape full of amazing food, eclectic bars and lots of history.

Take This Valentine’s Day to the Next Level With Romantic Specials at The Alida

February ushers in an extra influx of romance to an already notoriously romantic city. Savannah, Georgia is outfitted with a dreamy haze of wispy Spanish moss, echoing cobblestone streets and whispers of lovers past, making for the perfect backdrop to a modern love story. Romance is extra special this Valentine’s Day at The Alida, River Street's award-winning boutique hotel.