Author: MC Armstrong

Prohibition in the South

America’s first Prohibition museum has opened in Savannah and we are celebrating by taking a look back at the history of Prohibition in the South and why we never, ever, want to go back to that again.

From Mike Farmer, the Alcoholic

There’s one thing Mike Farmer likes to tell every potential client that comes through the doors of the NewDay Counseling facility and treatment center. In the back office of his building on Abercorn Street, he sits down with them as if they were just two old friends, getting together to mull over politics or the weather. It’s the next string of words that tend to catch people off guard.

From Wendell Burns, the Junkie

The phrase “rock bottom” is thrown around often in the recovery community. It’s sort of symbolic for most addicts, that wrinkle in time where one realizes that yes, they’ve hit the lowest point, and all other low points leading up to here were just practice rounds. You’ve heard of a fork in the road? Well, this is it.

Stories of Addiction: Rob Horton

Rob Horton, owner of Rob's on Drayton, wrestled with addiction for years before coming to terms with the disease. Now he's a successful family man. Here's his story.