Artillery and Ambition

Photography courtesy of Daniel Reed Hospitality
Left: Smoke and Mirrors. Right: Ian Kesson.

South Magazine: How long have you been bartending?    

Ian Kesson: Right around eight years.

SM: What’s your favorite part about working at Artillery?

IK: I love working in a bar with such incredible history and having creative freedom with the drink list. We also get to meet a lot of interesting people, both locals and visitors alike.

SM: What’s your best bartending story?

IK:  I have lots of stories, but they’re probably not appropriate to print! (Chuckles)

SM: What is your favorite drink to mix?

IK:  Any of the classics. Drinks are getting ever more complex and creative which is great, but mastering the classics is my favorite.

SM: What is your favorite cocktail ingredient?

IK:  Right now, mezcal.

SM: Do you have any special bartending skills?

IK:  Have you seen the movie “Cocktail”? 

SM: When you’re on the other side of the bar, what do you order?

IK:  Anything interesting that I don’t see every day, especially with mezcal. I feel like I am constantly researching and observing when I’m out. ~ Cheers ~


Visit Ian at Artillery, 307 Bull St, Savannah, GA

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