Andaz Artist Salon Featuring the William Jay Society

The monthly Andaz Hotel Artist Salon was held on October 22nd and showcased the William Jay Society, the young professional group of the Telfair Museum Family, as they promoted their upcoming Masquerade at the Mansion fundraiser taking place at the Telfair Academy on Halloween Eve, October 30th. Guests at this ghostly affair were able to speak to the Members of the WJS and learn more about the organization's goals and could purchase tickets to their big fundraiser.  One of the #South's Greatest Chefs, Lauren Teague, and the team from 22 Square Restaurant and Bar served up some delicious dishes including fresh shrimp and pork in addition to a special "Elixer of Life" cocktail crafted from the bar.  The Andaz Salon is a monthly event featured at all of the hotel's locations and features a relevant host or local organization who is culturally influential in our community.

Photos by Diane Dodd Photography

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