An Intimate Style to Touring

In the bustling business of brochures and tour guides, meet the husband and wife power couple who put their passions together to uniquely share and show Savannah to visitors.

The concept of a genteel southern gentleman and a 21st-century bard joining forces to forge a walking tour company sounds like something ripped from a rom-com. The reality is both romantic and humorous in many respects, but what T.C. and Brenna Michaels have accomplished with Genteel & Bard exceeds any Hallmark screenplay.

With his background in radio broadcasting, T.C. provides the “Genteel” by sharing Savannah’s rich history to tour guests via microphone and connected Bluetooth receivers and earbuds, while historically accurate music plays in the background. Brenna, the “Bard,” is a novelist and the planner of the team. Together, they have successfully operated Savannah’s only audio-enhanced walking tour company.

“This just felt like such a natural thing for us to do, because we love Savannah history and we love Savannah’s dark side as much as we love its beautiful side,” Brenna says. “I feel like we don’t necessarily look at ourselves as a tour company even though that’s what we are. We’re more or less storytellers, and we fell in love with Savannah.”

T.C. does not just point out historical markers or where such-and-such stood way back when; he and Brenna aim to provide an engaging experience for their guests (not clients, guests). “We’re the only members of the team, so it’s very personal when we host people,” Brenna remarks. “We want them to feel like family. That’s the core of our business. Everyone we interact with, we want to welcome them.”

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