An Army of Survivors

No one wants to be told they have cancer. No one believes it will happen to her, even when statistics tell you otherwise. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be 40,000 deaths from breast cancer this year alone. Statistically, you could be next. But no one thinks like that. It’s unhealthy to think that way, which is why each of these women were shocked when a doctor told them it might be serious. Regular check-ups and mammograms weren’t the norm a few years ago. Many didn’t even get a breast exam unless they felt a lump, which was sometimes too late. Breast cancer awareness isn’t just about wearing pink in October; it’s about the women who have banded together to create a sisterhood of survivors. As soon as a woman is diagnosed, she joins a club of women who went through a similar situation where those women know exactly how she is feeling. This kind of rela tionship creates an immediate bond: one that will never be broken. In this exclusive club, you can be as involved as you want, you can be poor or rich, black or white, gay or straight. No matter what, these women will love, support and carry you through some of the darkest times. Pick up the latest issue for the survivors’ inspirational stories.


Story by Kelly Adams

Photography by Jabberpics