Alpha & Omega

Kenny Grant- Pastor


If we don’t choose, life will choose for us. To follow Jesus is a decision about what you believe is true. If you know in your heart that He is God – you will follow Him. If He is just a religious figure to you, then you will not pursue Him for who He really is. Many people deceive themselves in this way. They don’t know that they are responding to Him as something He is not. He is not a religious figure – He is God, a living God. How you respond to Him shows what you believe about Him. He desires a living relationship with all of us and created us to enjoy that with Him. 





Claudia Deen- Fitness Coach

Eat a rainbow every day

 this time of the year focus more than ever on eating a rainbow in most of your meals. By this I mean to include different types of vegetables and fruits that are in season, which will give you tons of nutrients and will satisfy your body keeping the cravings on check. Think kale, squash, collards, broccoli, strawberries and beets.






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